Runnymede Group

Ottershaw Night Owls belongs to the Runnymede Group of WIs which are in turn part of the Surrey Federation.

The other WIs in the group are -

Egham WI
Hythe Centre
Thorpe Road,
TW18 3HD
1st Thursday 2pm

Egham Nightingirls WI
Village Centre,
Victoria St,
Englefield Green,
TW20 0QX
2nd Tuesday 7.30pm 

Chertsey WI 
Chertsey Hall,
Herriot Road,
KT16 9DR
3rd Thursday 12.30 – 3pm 

Ottershaw WI
Brook Hall,
Brox Road
KT16 0HG
3rd Thursday 1.45 – 4pm

Trumps Green WI
Virginia Water Community Centre,
Cabera Ave,
GU25 4EZ
4th Wednesday 7.45pm 

Englefield Green/Bishopsgate WI
Jurgens Centre,
91 Harvest Road
TW20 0QR
Last Wednesday 2 – 4pm 

Ottershaw Night Owls is a member of the Surrey Federation of Women's Institutes 
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