Other Events

Contact Sal for all events unless other details are given below - truebluesal@gmail.com or 07747 561896. 

Dinner at Brooks Restaurant at Brooklands College 

Wednesday 18th April at 6 p.m.

Contact Val (val.duffy@outlook.com) if you would like to join us

Brighton Trip - Monday 23rd April

SFWI Evening at RHS Wisley – Thursday 28th June 6.30-9.30pm.
This is an exclusive evening to preview the pollinators that have been made by Surrey Federation WIs, including our own. There is a cost for the evening (£7 RHS and £10 non-RHS-members). There is no discount for being a WI member.

We are proposing to organise a visit to the gardens the day after this event to take advantage of the many WI members who have RHS membership (and can take in a guest).

Ottershaw Night Owls is a member of the Surrey Federation of Women's Institutes 
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