Women and climate change.

The WI has a long and proud history of taking action to protect and enhance our natural environment. Often ahead of their time, WI members have been at the forefront of many issues of their day. Many of these campaigns have not only triggered important national conversations, but have responded to local need and left a rich legacy.

This concern for our natural environment has never been more vital than it is today. Over recent years we have seen the impact of climate change at national and international level: through increased flooding and summer heatwaves in the UK;and increasing typhoons, droughts, and other natural disasters more globally. 

In the past year the WI, along with hundreds of other organisations, has taken part in a major campaign led by the Climate Coalition to show how the things we love will be affected by climate change. climate change has the potential to impact our ability to produce food and alter landscapes forever.

Ottershaw Night Owls is a member of the Surrey Federation of Women's Institutes 
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