Welcome to the Ottershaw Night Owls website. We have membership spaces available so please come to one of our meetings and find out what we get up to! All women are welcome and you do not have to live in Ottershaw.

Visitors pay £5 a session and can visit three times and there is no obligation to become a member. If you would like more information do get in touch via the contact button on the left and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Please see the Programme page for our 2018 Programme - an exciting calendar of events to look forward to in the coming year!

Easy Fundraising
We have registered with Easy Fundraising so that we can collect money for our funds and for our chosen charity every time you shop on line. Go to www.easyfundraising.org.uk to register and find out more. It is easy to use and costs you nothing - all the donations are made by the retailers. There are about 300 online stores participating at the moment including big name brands. Please support our efforts to increase our donations to the Orchard Centre.

Coffee Mornings
If you would like to host a coffee morning then please contact Sally.
Please check out the full details under ONOWI Activities / coffee mornings  for full details.

Next meeting - Tuesday 6th November - Annual Meeting
The yearly review of our WI and selection of officers plus voting for our chosen charity for the next two years. After the business part of the evening there will shopping opportunities - so come prepared.

Runnymede Group Meeting - Tuesday 16th October - A Fun Look at British Eccentrics
Susan Howe will celebrate our love of eccentricity and talk about some famous examples of tru British eccentrics.
Note 7.30 pm start and £3 entry for all

Our charity for 2018 is The Orchard Centre in Chertsey. 
We are supporting the Orchard Centre again this year so please continue to give generously as our contributions have been very gratefully received by them so far.

ONOWI - activities
See the activities pages for details of the Walking Group, Theatre trips, Book Club and Other Events.
As a donation from some of these activities goes to our chosen charity it is especially worth while getting involved.

Walking Group 
Starting again very soon - see Walking Group page for full details as the first walks are planned

Book Club
See the Book Club pages for the list of books we are reading this year and reviews of the books we read in 2017 and 2016. Please have a look at these if you missed a meeting or if you are not a member and simply want an idea for your next book to read.

Theatre and Other Trips
Currently being booked -
Jo Downs Glass Workshop
Dinner at Brooks Restaurant
Tour of Richmond Poppy Factor

Please check the pages for full details and regular updates about the events being booked - lots of variety so there is something for everyone.

Denman News
Denman are holding some special events to celebrate their platinum anniversary this year. Follow this link to see what they are offering.
The latest Denman course brochure is now available and can be downloaded here but why not sign up to their newsletter as last minute bookings for courses are sometimes available at a discount and you could grab a real bargain.

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  • September - Dan the Fireman

    Dan Pearson local resident and firefighter, started his speech off by saying that he was more nervous talking to our group than when he is fighting fires. He works for Surrey Fire and Rescue Service. The Surrey Fire Service has 24 Fire Stations and they are funded by Surrey County Council. He said how important it was that all the services worked together. When the Fire Brigade are present at an accident for instance, the Police and Ambulance Service would also be there, all working together. He specifically mentioned the Air Ambulance, praising them for their quick response and the work that they do assessing and dealing with a situation resulting in so many people owing their lives to them. He talked about the fire at Grenfell Towers and said how harrowing it was for everyone involved and of course especially the families, everyone in the hall empathised with him. His talked ended with a lengthy applause to show the appreciation to Dan and the Fire Brigade in general.

  • July

    Unfortunately there was a mix up with our speaker who was double booked and was somewhere else! We all had a good chat over a tea or coffee and were home in time to see England beat Colombia in the penalty shoot out!

  • June - Social Evening

    In June we had a fun social evening, starting with a glass of fizz. There were a series of games and quizzes and it was surprising what a competitive lot we turned out to be! Hopefully a great time was had by all.

  • May - The Plight of Bees

    Lorraine and Kevin from Surrey Bees who met 8 years ago through beekeeping. Lorraine said that they have 150 colonies between them. Bees can travel 3 kilometres from the hive and go to 2,500 flowers in a day and they exhaust one variety of flowers at a time, working 10 hours a day. The worker honey bee lives for 5-6 weeks and they always die outside of the hive. Lorraine showed the members various slides, the first being a slide showing what we would have on our table to eat if there were no bees, it was very sparse. In China the bees have been killed off by the use of pesticides and the Chinese are now having to pollinate by hand. Lorraine said that everyone needed to plant bee friendly plants and flowers, preferably those native to the UK. 

  • April - Cake pops and party treats

    Local cake maker Sophie Winship demonstrated how to make and decorate cake pops. She created some amazing monkeys and also handed round sheep, pigs and strawberries that she had made earlier. She also talked baout how to make tasty treats for children to encourage them to eat all sorts of food, sometimes without knowing it!

  • March - A Little Birdie Told Me

    Hannah Lane, who graciously stepped in at the last minute to talk about garden birds and how they fit into our gardens. Hannah was informative and interesting, using slides to explain about the different birds. She spoke of their eating habits, she encouraged the members to buy feed from reputable companies. She gave the members helpful tips: she said it was important to keep bird feeders and tables as clean as possible to prevent the bird’s feet getting infected. Not to put peanuts out in the summer as the adult birds may take them back whole to their chicks and this could prove fatal and if possible to plant bushes for the birds.

  • February - Surrey Search and Rescue

    Rosie Jordan from Surrey Search and Rescue explained to us their role working with the emergency services locating missing people. They are the equivalent of the mountain rescue or RNLI and look after the bit in between - 'From hills to high water'. She gave us some examples of their missions including finding vulnerable adults who had gone astray and helping rescue people from their flooded houses. They are all volunteers and their work is funded by donations. We were all very impressed by their levels of training and dedication to helping others.

  • January - Ballet Be Fit

    Kate Broughton from Kate's School of Dance put us through our paces in a fun exercise class based around classical ballet techniques. We all discovered muscles we didn't know we possessed and had a lot of fun. Check out Kate's website for local classes to keep up the good work for 2018.

October - Women in WW1

Peter Batty discussed the varying roles of women in WWI and the impact on the role of women after the end of the war. He talked about the huge part women played in encouraging their men to join the forces and also in taking up mens' roles in the workplace in their absence. Many women had to fight to be allowed to help, including those with medical skills, as it was still thought that women should be at home in the kitchen! He got us discussing various topics and had trouble getting us to stop again!


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